November 6, 2012

Healthy eating

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I started writing this post and somehow it got deleted (or at least it never saved).

I am a staunch believer in health care, going to the doctor for check ups and everyone having a right to see a doctor.  I am great about getting my kids checked up for any minor hurt and their yearly check ups.  For me I am horrible.  I always say well you are healthy until you go to the doctors.  Everything seems fine and then they discover something wrong with you.  The last time I had a complete check up I was 25, I am now 37.  The last time I saw a doctor for anything was about 4 years ago (that was a optomologist).

This last month I got the nerve to call my doctor and make an appointment.  My family medical history is horrible.  We have auto-immune problems, heart attacks (in 20’s and 30’s), thyroid problems(start in our 30’s), melanoma, high cholesterol (starts as early as teens), blood clots (in the 30’s), and a few other issues. Right now I am the heaviest I have been in about 10 years.  I weigh about 130 and I’m now a full size 4.  I know it isn’t huge by any standards and I’m still am a healthy weight, but it is big for me.  I haven’t worked out really since February.  2012 has hit me hard it has been a bit hellish.

After looking at my family history my doctor decided to run all kinds of tests and I had 15 vials of blood taken for all of these fun tests.  I now have all of the test results back.  I have high cholesterol.  Not high enough to need medication immediately but definitely above the normal range.  My doctor wanted me to change my diet to see if I can lower my cholesterol.  She started talking to me about not eating as much red meat, pork, and dairy.  I cut out beef and pork entirely 13 years ago.  After telling her that she said I should see a dietician.

Yesterday I saw a dietician.  After telling her what I ate on a normal day she said I am doing everything right basically.  I need to add more fruits, but don’t juice them because my body needs the fiber.  She also said I need to eat more throughout the day.  What really sucks is I have a brother-in-law who weighs about double my weight, he eats crappy food, and his cholesterol is about 20 points lower than mine.  Talking to others in my family  that also have high cholesterol it isn’t about what we eat but our bodies are just really great about making cholesterol.


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