June 14, 2012

Kidnapping the new adoption

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There are so many things wrong with this article it isn’t even funny.  I have been following this news story for quite a while now.  It blows my mind, makes me want to drink, kind of blows my mind.  I understand that the adoptive parents say that they have no knowledge that the child was kidnapped.  But does that really matter?  If one of my children were kidnapped, adopted, and I found them would I have no legal rights?  Where are the ethics and morals of this child’s adoptive family?  How can they feel so entitled to a child that was kidnapped from her mother, father, and sibling?

This article counts the kidnapped child’s mother as a birth mother.  Really do we count every kidnapped child’s mother as a birth mother?  Or is it just that the child was adopted after kidnapping that we count the mother as  a birth mother?  Have we ever read a news article about Jaycee Dugard and referred to her mother as a birth mother? 

What about the damage to the child by taking a 6 year old from the only country they know and bringing them to a different country?  It is done all the time in International Adoptions.  We never hear any peep about the ONLY family, friends, country, language that the child knows when a child is brought to America.  You do no thear people saying “So your ok with harming the child? Can you imagine being six years old having cop rip you away from your Mommy & Daddy? Then put you on a plane with strangers to live in a country where you will never see any of your school friends & the only family you have ever known? that would severely harm that child & most likely result in a child who become an inmate in a prison, or a dead drug addict”

This is about ethics and morals, that is what this comes down to. Is the adoptive couple more entitled because they have more money and they live in America and not in Guatamala?  Can they look their  daughter’s mother in the eye and see her pain and suffering?  Have they thought about the loss that the child has already suffered?  If I was the child and found out I was kidnapped and then kept from my family how would I feel?  I can tell you right now that this couple has hell to pay.   


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  1. These people belong in jail as far as I am concerned. To knowingly harbor a kidnapped from their mother child is a crime in every aspect imaginable. How they sleep at night and look at themselves in the mirror is beyond me…

    Comment by Sam — June 15, 2012 @ 1:50 am |Reply

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