May 21, 2012

busy few weeks ..now back to blogging

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I haven’t blogged all that much lately.  It isn’t that I had nothing to see but too much going on.  Cassie had a few minor medical problems that we had to go to a lot of doctors and get blood work done since April 19th.  The last result came back from Stanford and everything is normal (yeah). 

The 11th to the 14th of May I was at Disneyland with 200 Orchestra and Band middle school kids and 25 adults.  Disneyland was simply amazing and fun.  We had such a good time but so little sleep.  We have planned D-land for a year and I was the second in charge.  We had very little sleep, a lot of chaos, and even more fun.  we stopped by 2 colleges on the way down.  SCU we just walked around and the kids got to see the campus.  UC Fullerton the kids got a class with professors of music for an hour and a half.  Disneyland we did behind the scene performances and on stage performances.  It was amazing watching these kids as they got lessons from the professionals at D-land.  They had earphones on that kept the beat, they were reading the music and playing it immediately, they had to watch the conductor, while their hands were playing the Violin, Viola, Cello. or Base.



It was interesting watching these kids go from young teenagers that can’t form a straight line to professional musicians.  The second they held their instrument in their hands they mature at least 10 years.  They sit up straight, stop talking, and get in performance mode.  As soon as they were back stage and change their clothes they are back to normal teenagers. 

Cassie stayed glued to my side for the first 2 days of D-land whenever possible. The other chaperons were surprised because no other children stayed with their parents.  Cassie not only stayed with me but got several of her friends to hang with us too.  We shopped and went on rides.  We really enjoyed the time there, oh my feet were so sore by Monday the 14th.  Really the kids did very well at Disneyland, we had no major problems at all until we tried to head home.

We planed on leaving Disney at 1:30 and we would be home between 8 and 9 at night.  We wanted to miss all of the traffic in LA and by home.  We had one bus pick up dinner from Subway and they should be back to get us between 1 and at the latest 1:40 depending upon traffic.   We left Disneyland at 1pm, got on the trams and arrived at the buses at 1:30.  we only had 3 of our 4 buses there.  We loaded up the kids that belonged on buses 2, 3, and 4.  Several adults waited outside in the buses parking with the 50 students for bus 1 to arrive.  After 45 minutes (after 2pm) we had the 50 students climb into the 3 air conditioned buses and stand in the aisle way.  Subway did not have 50 of the 225 sandwiches ready.  They kept calling and saying 20 minutes but they took over 2 hours to get the sandwiches to the bus.  Bus 1 finally arrived at 3pm.  We quickly loaded up the bus and were on our way with a total of 4 buses and 1 minivan.  Bus #1 had half the food and the minivan had the other half.  By this time the kids were getting a bit restless but we knew as soon as we got past the Grapevine we would stop for dinner with the Subway sandwiches.

The bus decided instead of sitting on the 5 to go a back way and take highway 57 to the grapevine.  We were going great, little traffic, just heading down the carpool lane.  I was on Bus #1 and we heard on the CB that bus 2 and 3 had problems.  Someone in the oppisite direction on 57 in their carpool lane threw glass bottles out of their car into on coming traffic.  Bus 3 got hit but no damage.  Bus 2 had the drivers front window hit hard and has a 12″ circular indent with spider webs going up the whole window.  Bus driver 2 was great,she slowly got over to the side of the road, she didn’t swerve or anything.  Insurance and police had to be called.  After a few minutes all 4 buses were pulled over to the side of the road and the police showed up.  They asked us to get back on the road and pull off at an exit. 

After about 2 hour every single person of the 225 filled out a police report and we got a new bus. We had to move everything  to the new bus and we got on the road again.  We came acrossed the grapevine without incident.  We started giving out food at a reststop in a small town called Button Willow.  We were half way through giving out food when we realized we were out of food but we had a 100 more kids to feed and all 25 adults still to feed.  Grr does our nightmare ever end?  We found out that the minivan (with half the food) got caught behind an accident on the grapevine.  The minivan turned off their engine and stayed in the same spot for over 30 minutes.  We all got back on the bus and drove 45 minutes to In N Out burger.  It took us an hour to get the food for everyone that hadn’t ate.  Everyone ate on the bus.  We finally left about 10pm.  Us adults were waiting for the next major catastrphie to happen. 

Nothing else happened and it was smooth sailing after that point but we got into the school parking lot after 1am and we had to unload all 4 buses and each student had to find all of their belongings in the dark.  By the time the last student left and everything was either with the student or in the music room it was after 2am.  I was completely exhausted and ready to crawl into my own bed. 

After a week I have fully recovered and on Friday the 18th the students performed their last concert of the year at their school.  Next week is graduation for the middle school and I’m going down to Vegas this coming weekend.  My schedule seems to always have something going on.




  1. All I can say is – wow – braver than I!

    Comment by Lori — May 21, 2012 @ 6:41 pm |Reply

    • It was so much fun. I wasn’t in charge of any kids but just coordinating everything and making sure everything happened as planned.

      Comment by jeannette4175 — May 21, 2012 @ 7:17 pm |Reply

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