May 2, 2012

Dan Rather Reports

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Last night Dan Rather was reporting on HDNET about forced adoptions in the baby scoop era and beyond.  I was going to post this on my facebook page but I have too much to say.  First of all we have to see this as something tragic that happened to many women.  We have to understand the past. We have to go back in time pre-BSE, we have to read about “The Baby Thief” I hate to even say that woman’s name.  We have to read about the orphan trains.  How can we understand the path of adoptions today if we do not delve into the depths, atrocities, and horrors of the past?

First of all to me it doesn’t matter how great of life adoptees have if their adoption was unethical.  How can we say it is ok to treat someone as worthless as long as it makes others happy?  How can we say a society,say “yes I understand you were called a slut, whore, you were tied down to a bed, you were not allowed to see your baby, your records before your child was born were marked BFA (baby for adoption).  But look your child was raised by good parents so that should make you happy.”  Are we saying as long as the outcome for the adoptive parents and adoptee are great we can treat woman horribly, at their most vulnerable time?  Do we tell woman who it is ok that you are raped because someone wanted to control your body and you made that person happy?  Is it truly much different?

How can we look at adoption today and not look at the past?  The past has everything to do with the present and future.  If we don’t acknowledge it and teach it to ourselves and the next generation who will?  Why has it taken 50 and 60 years to even have any show delve into the unethical behaviors with adoption?  Will it take another 50 year or maybe 100 years before we delve into adoption in 2012?

The only reason I can speak out the way I do is because of the women before me.  The brave woman who are telling their truths.  The woman who lost their children to adoption 5 years before me or as long as 40 years before me.  Every time one of them speaks their truth it gives a voice to all of our truths.  It validates all of us.  Every time that they can say “this happened to me” it validates that inner women that lost her chid.  I can only hope that one day their children’s parents will listen to the horrors, in how they were able to become parents.



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