April 25, 2012

Medical History

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According to most adoptive parent bloggers of young children their adoptions are open.  These children will always have their medical history.  What happens if/when the adoption closes?  Medical history constantly changes.  Blood relatives get cancer, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes.  Who’s responsibility is it to keep the medical history updated once an adoption closes?  Is it the adoptive parents to keep the lines of communication opened or first parents responsibility to make sure the agency and parents know?

When I placed Allysa I knew we had diabetes, heart attacks, and some blood clot issues.  Now 20 years later that has totally changed. Now I know that we have hemophilia in my family and extreme blood clots in my family.  When I say extreme blood clots I mean my mom and all of her siblings have had blood clots usually in their legs and it starts in their 20’s.  This hasn’t happened just once but several times.  My grandmother is on blood thinners and her first blood clot was when she was in her early 20’s.  In my family blood clots have nothing to do with weight. 

My mother had her first heart attack in her early 20’s (about the time she was 21 or 22 years old)  at the time my mom was not over weight.  We found out her first heart attack was from high cholesterol.  Recently my 41 year old sister  was put on high cholesterol medication.  My sister looking at her should be the last person with high cholesterol.  She works out 5 to 6 days a week for an hour or two per day.  She has a personal trainer she goes to a couple times a week, she takes dance/aerobic classes, and she also does P90X.  She is totally in shape.  She also is on a very strict low-fat diet (I call it no flavor diet).   Honestly it is more than a diet but a way of life, she has ate this way for at least 20 years.  Obviously her high cholesterol is not about her weight or the way she eats but about our family history.

Next I didn’t really know about Scoliosis.  I sort of knew my aunt had it when she was younger but I thought nothing of it.  A few years ago my sister and now her daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis.

Just this week I went to a doctor and he was looking at our blood disorders.  His biggest recommendation for anyone in my family is to never smoke or ever be on any type of hormonal birth control.  He told me that our risk of blood clot is so high that we shouldn’t do anything to put ourselves at a higher risk.  He also said to treat our bodies like we already had clots.  My family should never sit for more than 2 hours at a time.  If we are traveling by car or plane that we should stand up every 2 hours and walk around.   

A lot of this is newer information and recently put together.  If I had no contact with Allysa I should at least give the information to the agency.  I know it is my responsibility as my children’s mother to give all of my children this information.  Some of my families medical disorders are not minor but truly life threatening.  My parents are trying to get all of their parents medical history and their siblings medical history together for us.    So far we have most of the medical history from my mother’s mother.  She is my only grandparent left alive so getting the family history from her is easy but the other grandparents are more complicated.  I don’t think my family will go for digging up my dead relatives and doing genetic testing on them, so we have to go on our own memories of the different diseases they had in their life.



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