April 24, 2012


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How can anyone hate adoption?  Are there really people like that in this world?  Do we want children to be abused?  Stay in foster care? Languish in orphanages? Starve to death? Yes that what anti-adoption means, right?  I hate children and would rather see them dead than in a beautiful house, have private tutors, and a white picket fence…oh yeah and a pony.  After all every child needs a pony.  Every child that is adopted has all of those things. every child that is adopted has perfect parents and unconditional love.  Everyone that has an unplanned pregnancy and parents is poor, drug user, and will never make it anywhere in life.

First of all I am not into labels.  I don’t consider myself anti-adoption.  I am more for family preservation. Would you call someone anti-family if they went in and used an agency to convince/coerce a mother that she is not good enough for her child?   After all to adopt a family has to be broken up so anyone that adopts must be anti-family.  Anybody that adopts must be selfish and only care about their own wants and desires.

Would you call someone anti-adoptee if they didn’t stand for the rights of adoptees?  We all know if you are not for adoptees rights you are against them.  How would anyone like it if I said if you adopt and have a falsified birth certificate for your child you are anti-adoptee?  You are making your child less than and a second class citizen.

What do these labels mean that we tag onto others?  Why do we put labels on people?  Does it make it easier to take sides?  Does it make it easier to be us against them?  Do labels make it easier to belittle, marginalize, and bully others? I think the answer is yes. As long as we label and play one side against the other than we can not have a common ground.  We can not come together and see the others point of views.

I know I am not one-sided but very three-dimensional.  I have opinions that continually change as I get mor facts and information.  I have a crazy and silly side but I also have a professional intelligent side to myself.  I care and nurture others but I try not to forget about my own needs.  I love to read and given a chance I can read all day long but I am also very social and love to be around other people.  Around people who I know I am very out going, friendly and an extrovert but in unfamiliar situations I am very quiet and shy.  I do not think there is a label that completely fits me.  What label has ben put on you to make you the other, the outcast?





  1. I am struggling with this exact thing myself.

    Comment by Emiile — April 25, 2012 @ 5:14 am |Reply

  2. I love this post! Labels are ridiculous! I don’t think any adoption is the same. I think mine was a little more blessed than others, but that doesn’t mean I’m anti-parenting. I think it’s wonderful to agree to disagree. I love you!

    Comment by Princess J — April 25, 2012 @ 10:50 pm |Reply

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