March 22, 2012

Can’t get away from it….

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My husband commented recently how almost every show that we enjoy has something to do with adoption.  Modern Family, Once Upon a Time, and Smash.  I watched the first episode of Smash looking forward to it and was disappointed that it involved adoption too.  I watch TV to get away from adoption drama not to add more to it.  TV so often portrays mothers who surrender as young, naive, and lost.  I stick with Once Upon a Time because I love the writing and the actors.  Honestly, I know this is not politically correct, but the adoptive mom being the evil queen and how she makes the mother feel inferior or less than.  I get that, I can totally understand that.  I have felt like that when it comes to my daughter’s other mom.  I have felt small and less than, I have felt inferior.  It has been her actions, her words through letters and text say one thing but her actions towards me say quite another.  Honestly it does hurt, how could it not?  I know every adoptive mother is not like that but it has been like that in my situation. 

I also love to read I joined a book club last week that several awesome friends belong to.  They had a month to read a book but I had about 5 days to read this book.  It was called Shanghai Girls by Lisa Lee.  The book was well written and was about 2 sisters from China in the late 1930’s and how they come to America through an arranged marriage.  I love fictional history, so this book was right up my alley and I finished it in one day.  About half way through the book…spoiler alert…. the one sister ends up being pregnant out of wedlock and the married sister claims the baby as her own.  Can’t I get away from adoption please.  Can’t I read a book and it has nothing about adoption or taking a child as if born to.  I kept thinking about the sister and how hard it would be to never claim your child as your own, to never tell a soul you are a mother.  To see your child being raised everyday but not even being able to ever tell that child you are mine.  To always be seen as the childless one when in fact you are a mother. 


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  1. I have noticed this in most American shows, alot of which we have on Aussie tv screens… adoption is a common theme running through nearly everyone of them. So much so I have questioned it many times… why? I feel part of the brainwashing lies here. The general population is bombarded with subliminal and direct messages about adoption from so many areas that when a young woman finds herself pregnant at the wrong time, adoption is almost automatic. When you piece the picture together, you can see the tactics start a loooong way before a girl even falls pregnant. It is a culture. Expected. Parenting, the normal human thing to do, is not portrayed in the same light. There is not the same scared halo – it is easily tossed aside in favour of adoption. So very sad. Perhaps if the natural instinct of parenting was given the respect it deserves and shown more commonly in the same way adoption has been shown, there would be a shift in the culture. However I can’t see the billion dollar adoption industry allowing that anytime soon.

    Comment by myst1998 — March 22, 2012 @ 11:47 pm |Reply

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