March 16, 2012

Rainbow Day

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Today I am going off track and not talk about adoption at all.  This morning and my youngest daughter’s school is having Rainbow day.  My daughter is very involved with GSA Club.  She goes there every Wednesday at lunch.  They do not just talk about being gay/lesbian/transsexual/bisexual, but their focus is on acceptance of everyone.  They are teaching kids about bullying and standing up for each other .My little girl has been excited about today for months.  She is allowed to not wear a uniform and put on her rainbow clothes.  She started off this morning by having me help her straighter her hair.  She decided to clip in a rainbow extension into her hair and she added a rainbow headband.  Her outfit was a black dress with 2 bright blue and pink bold stripes going down the front and high top converse.  Of course every girl needs her accessories.  Cassie had the accessories that any 1980’s teenage girl would be jealous of.  She stacked on the rainbow, love, and Hello Kitty necklaces while having a minimum of 18 colorful beaded bracelets that she has made.

As she was getting ready we talked.  We talked about acceptance and judgement.  We talked about leading with our hearts and standing up for the weaker ones.  Letting our friends know we are there to support them when they feel alone. 

Then we talked about her aunt.  My sister as she tells us is not to be labeled.  She isn’t gay, straight or bi, but loves a person because of their heart not their body parts. I have never told my kids anything about any of my siblings sex life.  I never explained my brothers liking woman, some of my sisters liking men, so why would I explain to them that I have one sister that like men and woman?  My crazy thinking is if you are going to explain to your children about their aunt being bi or whatever then you better explain to your children that they have aunts that are straight.  I did not hide it.  My sister has brought her gf over they hold hands,they kiss, they hug.  You can tell they love each other. I never ask them “don’t do that in front of my kids”.  I think it is important for my children to see all kinds of love.  I don’t want to see a straight couple making out in public, it’s rude when it looks like a couple need to get a room.  That for me goes either way. 

I do live in a very liberal state and a liberal area within that state.  My kids can go to the mall any day and see gay couples.  It isn’t something that we ignore, laugh at, or make fun.  It is what it is.  I don’t laugh at a guy for kissing a girl, why would I laugh at a guy for kissing a guy?  Their feelings are the same that I have for my husband. 

Cassie started to tell me how last year parents kept their kids home on rainbow day.  They were kept home so they would not have to put up with anything that might be seen as gay pride, a silent protest.  I understand that we as parents follow our hearts and our religion.  We each have to make the best decision with our children. I just wonder what we teach our kids about intolerance when we keep them home on days like this.  This isn’t about turning your kids gay but about not allowing others to be bullied.

As I pulled up to her school and dropped her off I see every kid has some sort of bright colored rainbow outfit.  Cassie was so excited she jumped out of the car and ran to her friends.  She was excited to be part of the process, to be putting this day together for her classmates.  She was proud what her and about 50 classmates had pull together for her school.




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