January 26, 2012

hello again

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I have had a very long couple of weeks.  I have volunteered to help the middle school orchestra concert that Cassie is involved in.  This is not a small feat but more like a part time job that I do not get paid for in money.  I have spent hours in meetings, collecting ticket sales, counting money, making deposits, and making sure each of the 250 students money was credited o the right account.  I have been too busy to eat or do much of anyting else including blog.  But the concert is over.  I have a little bit of breathing room.  Each year this concert gets bigger and bigger.  The first year I was involved we had it at the school gym and there was literally wall to wall people.  It was so bad that we knew if the fire marshal came in we would be broken up.  We had about 700 people in an area that should only hold 250 maximum.  We have gone to different venues through out the city in the last 3 years to hold this concert.  This year we were allowed to use our local Universitie’s concert hall.  They only charged us $50 for the whole day.  The orchestra teacher (who btw is the best teacher evah) got professionals from San Francisco Orchestra to come in and play 3 songs.  These middle school students were able to see where they can go if they continue practicing and playing.  I don’t even think these kids know how lucky they are to have not only a great teacher but a great orchestra program that the community supports.

I have missed writing so much.  I have so many things floating in my head. I have things I have wanted to say but haven’t had the time to recently.  I will be back to writing very soon.



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