December 30, 2011


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Christmas was amazing, I thought the heaven’s would open up and angels would sing when we had our firt Christmas together but it was normal and calming. It just felt right to have my kids together for the holidays.

Christmas for me involves lots of family and parties. We turn it into a month-long celebration. We start at the first Sunday of December and go to see Santa at the local country club with my in-laws and my husband’s brother and his family. The Saturday before christmas Eve we celebrate Christmas with my husband’s dad’s family. We usually have close to 30 family members get together. My father-in-law is one of eight kids.  We hang out, there are card games going on, there is bowling, and lots of food.  Everyone enjoys themselves and ther is no pressure.   Christmas Eve we have it with my husband’s mom’s family. We eat home-made tamales (which we make right after Thanksgiving and freeze). We open gifts and spend the evening together. This year we also added two friends partie’s into our tradition of get together.

Christmas Eve we spend the night at my in-laws house and have our Christmas morning with them. We wake up go downstairs, my husband and his parents enjoy their coffee and after everyone is awake we slowly open presents. One of the kids, this year it was Kenny, puts on an elf hat and hands out presents to one person at a time. That person opens up the present and we all see what they got. It takes almost an hour to open up everything because only one present can be opened at a time. After presents we are each given our stocking. It’s always loaded up with candy, socks and for the girls usually one accessory, either a small piece of jewelry or something for the hair.   After presents we have breakfast together, it is always monte cristo.  This year was no different.

About noon or one we go home to get dressed for the day.  We spend the afternoon and evening with my family.  My family is usually about 30 people and most of us are loud.  We don’t exchange presents we talk and eat all day.  My parents came into town from Utah so we were able to see them.  Allysa had spent the afternoon with her fiance’s family but joined us at my sister’s house for the evening.

I know our Christmas time is overwhelming for Allysa, she is used to having at the most 10 people around for Christmas and just celebrating on christmas day.  I sure enjoyed having all my children together for the holidays and sharing with Allysa our family traditions.  I loved watching her open her presents.  I loved being with her.  I loved watching my kids interact and tease each other.  I think I had the best Christmas ever.  The heavens didn’t open up but there was such contentment in the normal, in the what should have always been.



December 28, 2011

New Blog

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I decided to move my original blog www.ourheartslinked.blogspot.com to www.ourheartslinked.wordpress.com.  I liked the option of making a few posts private but not having an entirely seperate blog for things that I do not want public.


If you are new to my blog I am a first/natural mom that lost my oldest dughter to adoption.  When we started our reunion my daughter found herself single and pregnant.  She ended up placing her son for adoption.  This is my story from my point of view.


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